Property Deposits

Lending money to property developers in return for a fixed return over a fixed period. Our due diligence process detailed, and involves investing in deposits as a company to test the process and experience. We are very particular about introducing our network to only the best opportunities with criteria that matches the below.

  • A fixed return; 7-12%.
  • Options for periodic income or compounded growth; Suitable for those looking to add income elements to a portfolio, for those seeking to achieve capital appreciation. This will allow you to make the most suitable decision for your needs.
  • A first & only legal charge over the property assets; this gives you the same security as a bank or any other lender would have.
  • A well-defined exit strategy chosen by you; 12 months – 5 years, tell us how long you want to be invested for, and we will find the right solution for you and your clients.
  • A Security Trustee; they hold client money in escrow, adding a additional layer of security.
  • Experienced property developers with a proven track record; we aim for a minimum track record of five years with a unblemished repayment record.

Buy to Let Care Homes

“Nine in ten areas to have a shortage of care home places within five years.” The Telegraph October 2017.

Investors now have a hassle free way to invest in care whilst owning a physical asset. Retirement home operators are now selling individual studios within their developments to fund the creation of future facilities.

In return the investors get outright ownership of a physical asset which produces very attractive rental yields. Our chosen developers work closely with the NHS and local authorities to identify areas of significant demand and build care homes in the most under-supplied parts of the country, ensuring a buoyant market.

Product Features;
  • 8-10% return. Paid quarterly.
  • Guaranteed buy backs up to 25 years – a clear exit strategy.
  • Title deed.
  • Growing market, driven by ageing population.
  • Cash purchase, suitable for clients seeking to create extra income for their portfolios.

Direct Property

We work with UK specialists, making the UK property market accessible around the globe to our partner network. Offering a stress free, end-to-end approach to buying property and the quickest possible route to property ownership.

The UK property market is one of the oldest and strongest in the world, offering high returns and protection for buyers. We give you the tools you need to make informed property decisions on behalf of your clients. Product benefits;

  • Full ownership of title deed.
  • Yield of 5-7%.
  • Income producing asset for life.
  • Great way to build sustainable pension income.
  • A clean and easy to understand purchase for clients.